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  • Inspire you to join a growing number of courageous men, women and children who are turning their suffering into something good to help others.

Gerard Long

Gerard is a professor of life and death, having experienced a blessed life, followed by the darkest valley of suffering after the suicide of his beloved youngest son, the near break up of his marriage and the unbelievable death of his beautiful daughter. As if this wasn’t enough pain, in the same eight-year period, his beloved sister and brother also died, as did a nephew! Rising from the ashes, he faced financial ruin after the betrayal of a ‘friend’ and exceptional medical bills following his cardiac arrest and his beautiful wife’s bladder cancer! Gerard has walked with God through his unbelievable journey and, in Living Hope, he shares the treasures he discovered in the darkness. Gerard lives with his beloved wife Jeannie in Malibu, California.


Gerard Long is an author and, pastor, who had a 30-year-year career in banking and is the Founder and President of a non-profit corporation, Awakening to God Ministries. Gerard has spoken to millions of people in the US and around the world through mainline TV, social media, video, conferences, radio, podcasts and written media. Gerard has always received very positive feedback from his presentations, and his showreel includes a few clips to show how he presents in front of a camera.